Cloud Email Attachment Filtering

Why inspect email attachments on your internal network when you can run email attachment filtering in the cloud with Spambrella?!…

Cybercriminals are profit-driven businesses that focus their resources on techniques and tools that deliver the greatest return on investment. Small to medium enterprises are often seen as easier targets because they are generally protected by less sophisticated software or in some cases not protected at all. Unfortunately attackers have worked this out and now realize that targeting a smaller enterprise can actually mean an easier path to reward in the end. 

Spambrella research shows that attachment-based campaigns can actually cost cyber criminals 50% less than URL-based attacks, making their return on investment even greater. Phishing campaigns that utilized document attachments increased by 1,500% over 2014 to 2015 to exploit of this financial advantage. 

Spambrella takes a unique approach to threat detection and email security by taking advantage of our enterprise-class Targeted Attack Protection analysis techniques and a cloud based architecture to identify and block suspicious messages. This helps organisations further protect their end users by adding additional layers of security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional email security solutions and gateways.

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

Spambrella leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection from Proofpoint’s industry leading email analysis solution in order to provide enterprise level protection to effectively detect malicious attachments.

Advanced Malware Detection Attachment Defense uses the visibility and intelligence gathered from analyzing the email of many of the largest companies in the world and applies this to smaller enterprises. This gives SME’s an advantage of scale and security utilizing the capabilities of Spambrella, without having to dedicate resource to managing the system manually.

The email attachment defense capability within Spambrella leverages dynamic sandbox technology that powers the Spambrella Targeted Attack Protection solution. Intelligence gathered by the dynamic malware analysis is used to identify and block malicious attachments that are designed to evade traditional security solutions. These attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents, are often used in spear-phishing attacks, to deliver banking Trojans, ransomware, or other malware. Spambrella ensures all aspects of email attachment defense meets the security, availability, and resiliency needs of the smaller enterprise.

Key Benefit:

Cloud scale, visibility and elasticity for malware analysis and sandboxing with global and immediate benefit to all organizations for emerging campaigns, with proprietary technology to defeat malware through counter-evasion techniques


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Our experience with Spambrella has been great.
Support is very responsive and provide a high level of value.

Highly recommend!

Monotype is one of the world’s best-known providers of type-related products, technologies and expertise.

Eimis Svabas, Monotype Imaging Inc.

Having moved away from McAfee, we quickly realised our customers had not settled. We decided to set up an open webinar with all customers and Spambrella. Over 80% of our customers opted to move and a positive decision it was!
The Spambrella team have been excellent. I highly recommend their services and technical expertise.

Harry Miller, Trafic Corp

Spambrella has been a valued service addition to RCS London. Our clients are very happy with the security features Spambrella provides and the user interaction with the service has been simple and welcomed by all. RCS is a fast growth MSP in London UK and the business requires valuable additions like Spambrella. We recommend Spambrella to other MSP’s looking for a monthly subscription email security service.

Andrew Do, RCS London

With over 4k end user email users it was top priority that our migration was stable and quick. Spambrella proved to be the perfect choice with hands on technical assistance. We worked late nights migrating our customers from another email security vendor that increased their pricing without prior warning. We are very happy with Spambrella and will continue to recommend this service.

Steven Sumir, Hotel Cocoa

Spambrella rescued us and our customers from uncertain times with Postini/Google and now McAfee. As an MSP we have relied upon Spambrella and their support for just over 2 years. Our experience has been positive and we have overcome obstacles using their support team for anything email related (sometimes out of their scope). We recommend Spambrella to all of our customers. Thanks!

Peter Kozak, Command ICT

As an MSP Kingdom provides best of breed packaged services to its clients. Spambrella was brought in to replace both our premium and SMB email security/filter options. Spambrella is quick and simple to set up and administer. The Proofpoint connection is valuable and enables us to quickly deploy policy based encryption which is becoming popular. Overall we cannot fault Spambrella as a service or as a team.

Tina McDonaldson, Kingdom Services

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