Education Sector Email Security

Key Benefits of Spambrella Email Protection Services for the Education sector

Comprehensive, Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your students, professors, and staff against all forms of cyberattacks, including modern targeted attacks such as spear phishing and credential attacks as well as traditional threats such as spam and viruses.

Stop advanced threats that are capable of evading even the most sophisticated signature- and reputation-based defenses before they can give attackers and cybercriminals a foothold in your network.

Spambrella provides the industry’s leading Secure Email service to block known threats – and Spambrella Targeted Attack Protection is designed to identify suspicious email messages containing malicious URLs or malicious email attachments before their payloads can be delivered. Spambrella provides an integrated defense against advanced email-borne threats that complements your existing network security controls.

Powerful, transparent email encryption

Provide email encryption that’s transparent to end-users, but backed by a strong policy engine that ensures all sensitive data is protected before it leaves the organization. Spambrella Encryption also makes sure that all encrypted messages are branded to your university’s requirements.

Recipients of Spambrella encrypted emails follow a few simple steps to authenticate and access their messages. No pre-registration or exchange of encryption keys is required to use Spambrella Encryption; ad-hoc email encryption is fully supported.

Automatic Data Loss Prevention

Ensure sensitive information — from research results to health records — is protected from the unauthorized or accidental transmission.

Spambrella can detect sensitive data within a file—even if the file format has been changed. For example, with Spambrella solutions you can detect a simple paragraph from a Microsoft Word document that had been copied into the body of an email, distributed file, or social media post. Spambrella™ can then route the offending communication to IT, HR, or elsewhere appropriately.

Automated, Transparent Policy Enforcement

Ensure that both inbound and outbound email adheres to external regulations and internal policies transparently, without dependence on user action. Spambrella provides multilayered filtering to accurately detect sensitive information within an email or attachment, such as credit card numbers, customer loyalty numbers, and employee records.

Once detected, Spambrella can be configured to warn the user about acceptable use policies, and the user can self-remediate these violations – or administrative or compliance officers can be notified appropriately.

Seamless, policy-driven encryption

Spambrella™ can automatically detect and encrypt communications containing regulated or restricted information of students, professors, and administrators, as well as providing administrators with access to real-time reports and message tracing functionality to monitor the outbound mail stream for a compromised desktop, laptop, or account and giving compliance officers access to data loss incidents through an easy-to-use interface that provides custom reporting.

Compliance and legal discovery in a single-platform archiving solution

Employ the Spambrella email archiving solution with features that help educational institutions address challenges around email storage management, eDiscovery, and regulatory compliance.

Spambrella Archive Key Benefits:

  • Industry-leading Security and Privacy
    Encrypt all email messages, files, and other content with keys you control through patented DoubleBlind technology. This ensures that no one can access a readable form of your data without your authorized access.
  • Always Available Storage
    Innovative, cloud-based storage infrastructure is comprised of geographically distributed data centers, which ensures that information is available in the event of service disruption to either location.
  • Search Performance Backed by SLA
    Ensure that information is always accessible, whether to address eDiscovery, regulatory inquiry, or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request – with self-service accessibility to email, instant messages, social media, and the contents of more than 400 types of attachments—with results presented in seconds.

Email cyber attacks can significantly impact the education sector in various ways:

Data Breaches: Cyber attacks through email can lead to data breaches, compromising sensitive information such as student records, financial data, and intellectual property. This can damage the institution’s reputation and result in legal consequences.

Disruption of Operations: Email attacks like phishing or malware can disrupt normal operations by infecting systems, causing downtime, and hampering communication channels critical for administrative tasks, teaching, and learning.

Financial Loss: Ransomware attacks via email can encrypt important files and demand ransom payments for decryption keys. Educational institutions, often with constrained budgets, may struggle to afford such payments, resulting in financial losses.

Identity Theft: Cybercriminals may use email scams to trick staff or students into providing personal information, which can then be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Compromised Credentials: Phishing attacks aimed at stealing login credentials can grant unauthorized access to sensitive systems and accounts, allowing attackers to manipulate data, distribute malware, or carry out further attacks.

Intellectual Property Theft: Email attacks targeting faculty or researchers may aim to steal intellectual property, research data, or proprietary information, undermining the institution’s research endeavors and competitive advantage.

Reputation Damage: Successful email attacks can tarnish an institution’s reputation, eroding trust among students, parents, donors, and partners. This can impact enrollment rates, funding opportunities, and collaborative ventures.

Regulatory Compliance Issues: Data breaches resulting from email cyber attacks can lead to non-compliance with regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA, exposing institutions to penalties and legal liabilities.

To mitigate these risks, educational institutions must prioritize cybersecurity measures such as employee training, robust email security protocols, regular system updates, and incident response plans. Collaboration with cybersecurity experts and investment in advanced threat detection technologies are also essential to safeguard sensitive data and maintain operational resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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It doesn't require an arcane knowledge to set the Spam filtering up, the guides are straight to the point and support staff are very helpful. Functionality wise, in short: we do not get spammed. Thanks to Spambrella.

Archiving wise, the new solution is easy to use, searches well and fast and is by far the cheapest we could find at the time. Ten year retention rocks!

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

Robust, versatile, and reliable...
The reliability of the service and the level of protection that it provides. My spam levels immediately dropped to near zero.

There are almost no false positives. And I'm easily able to customize the level of protection with whitelists, blacklists, and sensitivity settings. I'm also a big fan of the antivirus and URL scanning features.

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

Used the software for: 2+ years - 5/5 Overall
With an ever overloaded department, and with cybersecurity skills shortage getting worse securing the I.T infrastructure.

Offloading the task of e-mail filtering to Spambrella has dramatically helped in the department's performance. The only drawback in our case is that the service is hosted outside of our territory and thus out of the legal jurisdiction.

John P., Review via Gartner Capterra

The service is great at filtering bad email as well as junk email out while allowing clean email though. I have used a few other options over the years and this is the best I have found. Clients sometimes have trouble configuring their settings to how they want it to be. Or tag emails as approved when they shouldn't and need IT interaction to resolve. Maybe just ease of use or having a more clear way for clients to resolve basics on their own.

Brian M., Review via Gartner Capterra

I found spambrella to be easy to set up and has dramatically reduced the number of spam emails hitting our inboxes. It was easy to 'train' the software to release any genuine emails that were caught or add any spam that was not picked up.

Within a couple of weeks of use virtually no spam arrived to our mailboxes. Spam and phishing emails are a growing problem for everyone I'm sure. I now get a very low incidence of spam.

David F., Review via Gartner Capterra

Easy to onboard my customers from another spam filtering system. Very fast and haven't had any downtime in the 9 months since I have moved to Spambrella. When I have had to use support, responses where quick. I had to move all my customers from another filtering system with little notice. After I moved my customers I realised how bad the old solution I used was. Contact with Sales and Support always been professional

Allen B., Review via Gartner Capterra

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