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Encrypting Emails – When should you start?

How do you access your business emails? Chances are, you use several different devices: your computer or laptop, a mobile phone, and perhaps a tablet too. Maybe your email account is accessible online so you regularly check it on different computers. So when should you begin encrypting emails?

The rise of the ‘internet everywhere’ phenomenon has made it so easy to check and reply to emails on-to-go. Have you ever stopped to consider the potential security risks this could present?

With every different email access touchpoint that you utilize, you’re increasing the risk of accidentally exposing your emails to cybercriminals. It only takes one computer infected with malware to hack your account and access all of your emails.

Email encryption was designed to prevent illegal access to email data. It not only gives your business protection but it also secures attachments and emails when they are transmitted over the internet (potentially across insecure networks) so that the recipient receives the email in exactly the same state as you sent it – with no external interference.

The many security benefits and affordability of encrypting emails make it ever more popular for business use. If your business deals with payment processing or health information than you may have to ‘by regulation’ encrypt emails in order to comply with government legislation surrounding the protection of sensitive data.

5 benefits of encrypting your emails

  1. It protects your emails against hackers and cybercriminals.
  2. Protects sensitive information that’s shared in emails from being accessed and exploited by third parties.
  3. It can protect you from malware-infected email attachments.
  4. Allows the content that you send out to be kept secure so that only the intended recipient can access it.
  5. Ensures legal proof that your emails have been sent, received, and read and have not been tampered with.

Safeguard your company’s emails and sensitive information with Spambrella. Our secure, reliable, cloud-based email encryption protection will defend your business emails from any location and across all of your different devices. Get in touch with our friendly sales team to find out more.

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