Bulk email limitations explained

Bulk email sending is designed for users who need it for business-critical purposes, e.g. Recruitment consultants emailing individuals applying for a specific job(s), support users needing to update their users, accounts departments sending invoices, etc.

The danger of giving all users bulk permissions is that this massively increases the risk to the company, the company’s clients and Spambrella of a spambot (for example) causing serious IP reputation problems. When a spambot is detected, Spambrella will shut down the infected address(es) to eliminate the risk of it causing any problems.

Standard and Bulk are the only available settings. If you require to send more email than defined in the below daily limits, you will need to utilize an outside resource (e.g. third-party programs designed for bulk sending like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and campaigner.com). There are no available settings beyond the set limits. Another recommendation is to set up a custom rule in your exchange outbound rules to send out e-mail for your newsletters and other bulk messages that bypasses the outbound email filtering.

Bulk email limitations explained: (‘per day’ = 24 hour period, starting Midnight UTC)

Standard Sending Limits: 2,500 per day, or 500 per 10 minutes
Bulk Sending Limits: 10,000 per day, or 2,000 per 10 minutes.

Requesting a user to be enabled for Bulk Sending (We only enable Bulk sending on a per user basis).

The info we need to submit a bulk sender request?

  • Email Address(es) that require bulk sending:
  • How many emails will the email address(es) need to send? 1 – 100, 101 – 500, 501 – 1000, 1000+
  • What type of bulk email is being sent? e.g Marketing
  • How often will the bulk emails be sent? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Other
  • What is the purpose of these bulk emails?