DMARC set-up

This article is to help creating DMARC settings so you can implement DMARC on any of your domain names. If you are unsure on how to implement DMARC, please email for guidance.

DMARC creation

From the record creation page, enter the details for all the information on the form. After submitting, a record value will be provided like this:

v=DMARC1; p=none;;;fo=1

DMARC info change/Email Reports

Prior to adding the DNS entry, the email addresses in the DMARC should be changed to a customer’s email address.

  • RUA – XML reports will be sent here.
  • RUF – Forensic reports will be sent here.

The email addresses should allow messages to come in per DMARC reports.

Note: RFC compliance will allow a domain other than the customer’s domain, but it will require verification to that email address.


Once you have the email addresses sorted, you can now add this to your current DNS record.

Verify DMARC

After you implement DMARC on your DNS, you will need to verify the entry. Contact Spambrella support if you require assistance.


Inbound sender DNS check option