Email Encryption

Encrypting an email

If you wish to make use of Spambrella Encryption service you must be on Advanced package or above.

This feature then needs to be enabled. To enable please go to:

  • Click on Features
  • Tick check box Enable Email Encryption
  • Click Save

To send an outbound email so that it is encrypted:

  • Click on Company Settings
  • Click on Filters tab
  • Click on Outbound tab
  • Click on New Filter button
  • Choose a name for the filter (i.e., Outbound Encrypted)
  • Click on the Continue button
  • Set scope as Company
  • If you wish to send an encrypted email based on a subject keyword set your logic as: If Email Subject Contains Any Of [encrypt]
  • Choose “Encrypt” from drop-down list of actions
  • Click Save.

This will encrypt an outbound email if the subject contains the keyword [encrypt] i.e. included in the square brackets.

N.B. You must use Spambrella to filter your outbound email. If using Spambrella to filter only inbound email this feature will not work.