Introducing Spambrella – End User

Your company has implemented Spambrella to provide you with comprehensive protection against unwanted and malicious emails. Spambrella will prevent virus-affected and potential spam emails from reaching your inbox. Typically you will receive a daily digest of emails that Spambrella has quarantined, allowing you to choose which emails, if any, to release and deliver. You can also access the Spambrella interface, a secure web-based user interface that you can use to:

  • Manage your user information
  • Update your preferences
  • Manage your safe and blocked senders
  • Search your quarantine
  • Access the Emergency Inbox

The user interface usually consists of three tabs: Quarantine, Settings, and Emergency Inbox. A fourth tab, Archive, may also be available if your company has licensed the Email Archive feature.

Some features are not available to all users; you might see additional options as your organization administrator introduces new Spambrella features.

Quarantine Tab

Use the Logs area to review and take actions on email you sent or received that was potentially harmful and therefore was quarantined rather than delivered.

Settings Tab

Use the Settings tab to set up Spambrella to meet your needs.

  • To view or change information about your user account, click Profile.
  • To view the aliases your administrator has added to your account, click Aliases.
  • To view or change the settings that determine how incoming messages that are determined to be spam are handled, click Spam.
  • To set up the digest feature, which will send a list of quarantined emails to you via email, click Digests.
  • To see a list of the groups to which you belong, click Groups.
  • To identify email addresses you want to be considered safe or whose messages should be quarantined, click Sender Lists.
  • to define disclaimers to be added to your outgoing email, click Disclaimers.

Emergency Inbox Tab

The Emergency Inbox allows you to continue working with email even if your company’s email servers are down.

How to Release Quarantined Emails

Logs say “Delivered” but email has not reached recipient’s mailbox