Multiple Phishing Templates Single Campaign – PSAT (Setup)

Question – Can I use multiple phishing templates in one Phishing Campaign?

Answer – Yes, you can create simulated phishing campaigns containing any number of email templates within one campaign type (drive-by, data entry, or attachment). Select from existing templates or create templates from scratch, and customize each template as you wish.

This feature reduces the likelihood that end users will identify and alert others to your campaign, which helps to maintain the integrity of campaign data. When used with Random Scheduling, recipients are more likely to receive different phishing emails on different dates and times, all within the same campaign. This provides the purest test of end-user susceptibility to phishing attacks.

To choose multiple templates for one campaign, follow the steps below when Creating a Campaign:

  1. To select the template(s), please click on the Add button to the right of the template.
    • Multiple templates can be selected at once.
    • All templates are customizable.
  1. Selected templates will be listed in individual boxes below.
  2. Each chosen template has 4 icons next to the template name.
    • Send Test Email to yourself by clicking on the envelope next to the template name
    • Preview Email Template by clicking on the eye next to the template name
    • Edit the Template(s) if needed
      • Drive By Campaign
      • Data Entry Campaign
      • Classic Attachment Campaign
      • Attachment Campaign
    • To delete an email template from the campaign, click the trash icon.


  • ​​Regardless of the number of selected templates, there is only ONE Teachable Moment.
  • If using the Embedded Teachable Moment, content from each template will be populated within the Teachable Moment but it will still be only one type of Teachable Moment for all templates.​
  • All users will only receive one template.  They will not receive each template if there are multiples.
  • All templates/users will be randomized.

Edit Template Drive By Campaign – PSAT (Setup)

Edit Template Attachment Campaign – PSAT (Setup)