Proofpoint Essentials Multi-Tenant

Spambrella is the lead distribution hub for Proofpoint Essentials multi-tenant services to MSP’s. Designed from the ground up to support large service providers to outsource OEM SaaS email security services and support. Spambrella acts as your specialized outsource email security team. All Spambrella technical team members are elite Proofpoint technicians, fully capable of assisting your business and customers.

The advantages of using Spambrella for Proofpoint Essentials multi-tenant services are clear:

  • Lower costs through economies of scale: With multi-tenancy, scaling has far fewer infrastructure implications than with a single-tenancy-hosted solution because new users get access to the same software.
  • Utilize third-party infrastructure to lower costs: Spambrella provides companies of all sizes with Proofpoint Essentials multi-tenant infrastructure. There is no need to add applications and no need to add hardware to your environment or software to install. Not having to provision or manage any infrastructure or software above and beyond internal resources enables businesses to focus purely on customer service and deliverability.
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates: Customers don’t need to pay costly maintenance fees to keep their service up to date. As Spambrella roll out new features and updates, these services upgraded are included within the subscription.

Spambrella offers a full OEM option in both the EU and USA data residency locations. Proofpoint Essentials multi-tenant solutions are designed to be highly configurable so that businesses can make the application perform for the customer independently. Only by using Spambrella for Proofpoint Essentials services will an MSP qualify for

The Proofpoint Essentials Multi-tenancy architecture also allows Spambrella to efficiently service everyone from small customers, whose scale may not warrant dedicated infrastructure, to large enterprises that need access to the clouds virtually unlimited to compute resources. Software development and maintenance costs are shared, driving down expenditures, resulting in savings that are passed onto you, the customers.

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