Understanding Spambrella Mail Flow

Situation – You want to know the mail flow to better understand the path each message follows, and what events may be triggered at specific points during the process.

Solution – Email through the platform is processed step by step.

Spambrella Mail Flow

Messages processed through Spambrella go through various stages in a particular order which is outlined below for both inbound and outbound.

Inbound Mail Flow

  • PDR – Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation.
  • CSI – Cloudmark Sender Intelligence.
  • DNS validity checks (Inbound Sender DNS check)
  • Attachment Defense (if licensed).
  • Anti-Virus scanning.
  • Anti-Spoofing scan (DMARC, DKIM, and SPF)
  • Filters: Custom filters and send lists.
    • Executables blocked by default: .exe, .dll, .bat, .js, and others are blocked before custom filters.

NOTE: Any filter that triggers with Quarantine or Allow will skip the Anti-Spam step of processing.

  • Anti-Spam.
  • URL Defense Scan and Rewrites (if licensed).

Outbound Mail Flow

  • Attachment Defense (if licensed).
  • Anti-Virus scanning**
  • Filters: Custom filters and send lists
  • Executables such as .exe, .dll, .bat, .js, and others are blocked before custom filters.
  • Anti-Spam.

NOTE: ** VIRUS:  Any message blocked as ‘Virus’ cannot be released by Customers or Spambrella. Once detected as a Virus, no further action can be taken on the message.  If you feel a message was flagged in error, please provide a permalink to it in a support ticket for review.

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