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How to Secure Outbound Emails

When it comes to securing email, most network admins focus on inbound security threats. This is understandable considering the threat viruses, malware, phishing and spear-phishing attacks pose to an organisation. But inbound threats aren’t the only threat organisations need to protect against. Outbound email poses a significant risk as well.

Should an email server become compromised it can send out SPAM messages to all your contacts. This is not only hugely embarrassing, but it could mean your email server becomes blacklisted, which will make it much more difficult for you to send messages in the future. So in this blog, we are going to look at the tools you need to send secure emails.

How to send a secure email?

If your organization uses standard on-premise email servers or cloud services such as Office 365 and G Suite then you only have access to basic outbound email protection. With a G Suite Basic account, for example, you can create an outbound mail gateway that provides basic protection against mass SPAM events but little protection against more sophisticated attacks.

To gain more comprehensive protection you should look at implementing a third-party email threat protection suite such as Spambrella. This will provide your organization with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help monitor both inbound and outbound email. The Spambrella email security protection suite provides the following additional methods of protection.

Content filters

Customizable content filters allow administrators to apply filters on outbound emails. Filters can include subject lines, message headers, message body text, and file attachments. A quarantine area can also be established to hold suspect emails until they have been examined by an administrator or member of the network security team.

Outbound SPAM monitoring

Outbound SPAM filtering is important if you are to maintain your email server’s domain and reputation. Spambrella adds to the standard functionality of your mail server by implementing the best secure email practices. Spambrella continuously monitors your outbound server for mass sending events, automatically preventing any unauthorized activity and notifying admins immediately.

But when implementing a monitoring solution like this it is important to consider the times when organizations need to send out bulk messages to contacts. This could be to notify them of a system outage or public holiday opening hours. For these occasions, Spambrella provides a manual override which temporarily increases the outbound mail-flow rate.

Smart identifiers

Smart identifiers help to locate potentially sensitive content in the email body. Smart identifiers reduce the risk of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and notify the sender that the email contains potentially sensitive information.

Spambrella contains six categories of smart identifier:

  • Banking information
  • Financial information
  • Personal information
  • U.S. driver’s license number
  • Product identification
  • Tracking information

Data encryption

Most on-premise and cloud email services such as Office 365 and G Suite include AES-128 encryption as standard. Spambrella enhances this by providing AES-256 email encryption for all outbound mail. This ultimate message protection is easy to implement and helps to keep your most valuable information secure. Spambrella encryption is fully compatible with both on-premise and cloud email servers.

DLP and HIPAA Compliance

Spambrella can also help your organization maintain compliance with DLP and HIPAA initiatives. The body, header and subject line of Outbound messages can be scanned for potentially sensitive information such as credit card patterns, social security numbers, passport numbers, sensitive health terms and much more.

By implementing the above email secure server best practices you can reduce the risk of your organization being compromised by suspect outbound email activity. To see how Spambrella advanced email security can support your organization, contact us for a FREE demonstration today.

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