Intel McAfee SaaS EOL

McAfee SaaS end of life: What does it mean for your business?

This article explains the benefits and options available to you transitioning from Intel Security following the McAfee SaaS end of life announcement.

McAfee SaaS is a collection of security tools for email and web that protect your business email communications and users inboxes from email threats.

SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ which means that the software doesn’t need to be installed on your computer or within your own business network; it works in conjunction with your existing email service such as Office 365 or GoogleApps or more traditionally an email server such as Microsoft Exchange.

Why is email protection essential for my business?

Email protection is an essential part of your business security. In order to protect your employees and also the recipients of emails you send, email protection services are of paramount importance.

Some of the benefits of SaaS email protection include:

  • Protection from malware and virus’.
  • Protection from phishing scams.
  • SPAM detection and prevention.
  • Email encryption for increased security and compliance.
  • Attachment scanning to prevent viruses or unsafe files being downloaded or sent.
  • Email Archiving and backup functionality.
  • Data loss prevention – Enforce policies to prevent sensitive data loss.

How will the McAfee SaaS end of life affect my business?

McAfee are retiring their email protection SaaS from January 11th 2017. After that deadline the service will no longer be supported or maintained. This means that it will quickly be out of date and won’t offer you the level of protection your business needs. As soon as new threats, viruses or phishing scams are released (which, sadly, happens frequently), the outdated service will be unable to protect you.

How do I make sure my business emails are protected?

In order to keep your business email safe, you will need to migrate to an alternative email protection company such as Spambrella. You can make the switch at any point up until McAfee’s end of life comes into force in January next year.

In fact, the earlier you switch, the better – that way you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the best you can for your business and you won’t have to worry about upgrading at a later date.

Spambrella are currently offering a free migration service for all existing McAfee SaaS customers, and we’re even price matching your existing subscriptions to cause as little interruption to your business as possible. To take advantage of this limited time offer, get in touch with one of our migration experts today.