McAfee SaaS End of Life

Are you ready for the McAfee SaaS service end of life?

In order to further their goal of creating an integrated, fast, full-featured computer protection system, Intel Security (McAfee) have announced the retirement of some of their older, standalone products.

The announcement was made back in October 2015 and includes all of the following services:

  • McAfee Email Gateway (appliance hardware, virtual appliance, and blade servers)
  • McAfee Email Protection
  • McAfee Quarantine Manager
  • McAfee SaaS Email Archiving
  • McAfee SaaS Email Encryption
  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection
  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity
  • McAfee SaaS Endpoint and Email Protection

How this will affect you

As of January 11th 2017, these products and services will no longer be supported by or maintained by Intel Security (McAfee).

The end of life means that, after that date, should any new viruses, malware or other malicious software be developed and released, your emails will not be protected from them if you continue to run the outdated McAfee SaaS services.

Similarly, if any bugs in the McAfee SaaS services are discovered, or if they conflict with later editions of operating systems such as a new Windows or Mac update, Intel Security (McAfee) won’t fix the problem.

In order to keep your business emails protected and secure, you should consider moving to a new email protection software that is kept up to date and actively maintained.

For information on how to migrate your data away from McAfee SaaS services and transition to another market leader, read McAfee’s Email Security Solutions End of Life PDF download. You can access additional details about the McAfee SaaS service end of life processes here.

How to migrate away from McAfee SaaS products

If you need a helping hand moving to a new email protection service, consider choosing a company that will manage the migration for you. Here at Spambrella, we’re currently offering to help you make the transition to our service at no additional cost. We’ll even match McAfee’s pricing structure so that you won’t encounter any additional costs.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, luckily for you… it’s not! Spambrella are passionate about customer service and we want to make your migration away from McAfee SaaS services as straightforward as possible. To get the ball rolling on your service switchover, get in touch to talk to one of our migration experts.