Proofpoint Essentials Distribution

Spambrella appointed ‘Worldwide’ dedicated licensing and support distributor for Proofpoint Essentials OEM/White-Label

Proofpoint Essentials Distribution

Be part of the Proofpoint Essentials partner program and sell our exclusively-built information security solution for small- or medium-sized enterprises. Sold 100% through partners, Proofpoint Essentials provides everything from purpose-built technology to dedicated support and resources.

Our solution makes things easier and more profitable for distributors, MSPs, and VARs, including resellers for:

  • Channel partners servicing SMEs
  • SME-focused distributors, MSPs, and VARs
  • Channel partners with SME customers
  • Partners targeting SMEs
  • OEM Rebrand

As a Proofpoint Essentials partner via the Spambrella partner program, you’ll benefit from this 100% channel-focused offering—with competitive, monthly pricing plans and packages to suit a variety of customer needs and budgets.

Spambrella/Proofpoint Essentials™ Partner Benefits:

  • Choose the Licensing Model that Suits your Current Commercial Needs. Annual/Monthly etc.
  • Clearly-defined profit margins with no start-up fees, price hikes, support costs, or maintenance costs.
  • We’ll keep in touch regularly to ensure that as your business grows or your circumstances change you’ll continue to be on the most beneficial licensing model for you.

Utility Billing: Enjoy Payment Flexibility – Our partner program has a monthly utility billing option among other commercial options. As your investment in Proofpoint Essentials grows, so does your margin.

100% Channel Focused: Join a Select Group of Partners Profiting from Proofpoint Essentials…and Know We’re Always Available to Help. Our solution is only available through the channel. We work closely with select distributors, VARs, and MSPs from initial qualification and training to dedicated growth campaigns. We can assist with up-sell opportunities and help in closing deals. Whatever the issue, we can help make cloud email security work better for you and keep your profits on the rise.

Your Brand, Our Technology: The Spambrella OEM/Re-brand partner program offering is unique. Our team will remove any mention of Proofpoint or Spambrella and will update all service sending notifications to that of your choice. All user digest reports will be sent to your customers/users as if from your organization with your logo. Spambrella will also brand you a dedicated login portal! In addition, our marketing team will supply branded marketing and sales collateral to make reselling our solution even easier.

Front-Line Support: Get Help Selling Proofpoint Essentials – We will be with you every step of the way, providing training and assistance that includes:

  • Free managed setup with a detailed product demo and non-obligation trials
  • Fully scalable licensing models for MSPs and resellers
  • A partner entry-level program to suit all types of partners: big, small, new or experienced
  • 24x7x365 expert technical support, with live support during your 9:00-5:00 office hours

Proofpoint Essentials MSP Partner Program

MSP Email Security Solutions


Related Case Studies

Used the software for: 2+ years - 5/5 Overall
With an ever overloaded department, and with cybersecurity skills shortage getting worse securing the I.T infrastructure.

Offloading the task of e-mail filtering to Spambrella has dramatically helped in the department's performance. The only drawback in our case is that the service is hosted outside of our territory and thus out of the legal jurisdiction.

John P., Review via Gartner Capterra

Robust, versatile, and reliable...
The reliability of the service and the level of protection that it provides. My spam levels immediately dropped to near zero.

There are almost no false positives. And I'm easily able to customize the level of protection with whitelists, blacklists, and sensitivity settings. I'm also a big fan of the antivirus and URL scanning features.

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

It doesn't require an arcane knowledge to set the Spam filtering up, the guides are straight to the point and support staff are very helpful. Functionality wise, in short: we do not get spammed. Thanks to Spambrella.

Archiving wise, the new solution is easy to use, searches well and fast and is by far the cheapest we could find at the time. Ten year retention rocks!

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

Easy to onboard my customers from another spam filtering system. Very fast and haven't had any downtime in the 9 months since I have moved to Spambrella. When I have had to use support, responses where quick. I had to move all my customers from another filtering system with little notice. After I moved my customers I realised how bad the old solution I used was. Contact with Sales and Support always been professional

Allen B., Review via Gartner Capterra

The service is great at filtering bad email as well as junk email out while allowing clean email though. I have used a few other options over the years and this is the best I have found. Clients sometimes have trouble configuring their settings to how they want it to be. Or tag emails as approved when they shouldn't and need IT interaction to resolve. Maybe just ease of use or having a more clear way for clients to resolve basics on their own.

Brian M., Review via Gartner Capterra

I found spambrella to be easy to set up and has dramatically reduced the number of spam emails hitting our inboxes. It was easy to 'train' the software to release any genuine emails that were caught or add any spam that was not picked up.

Within a couple of weeks of use virtually no spam arrived to our mailboxes. Spam and phishing emails are a growing problem for everyone I'm sure. I now get a very low incidence of spam.

David F., Review via Gartner Capterra

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