Proofpoint Essentials Pricing & Licensing

Spambrella works with a multitude of businesses ranging from Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and conventional IT Reseller licensing partners. Customers from all continents rely on Spambrella to deliver Proofpoint Essentials licensing and support services to their customers in all business arenas.

We have provided a quick Q&A session below with answers to many of the most common questions asked during Proofpoint Essentials sales calls or web inquiries.

Why choose Spambrella for Proofpoint Essentials pricing?

Spambrella provides annual, multi-year, and monthly metered billing services meaning you will only ever pay for active users on the service each month. Communication with Spambrella is lightning fast and once you have an account manager, you’ll be driven with great margins and support through the entire experience. Spambrella provides Proofpoint Essentials licensing to MSPs at a fixed rate per month to simplify licensing processes. You will not be held to customer user size minimums with Spambrella or red tape geographic boundaries on any organization you wish to support on the service.

Proofpoint Essentials MSP Pricing

How quickly can a Proofpoint Essentials trial be set up?

Spambrella will have an account opened and set up on the correct service package within 15 minutes of your request in most cases. Pricing is provided before or after setup depending on your requirements and all situations are taken into consideration to support your journey on Proofpoint Essentials. Spambrella trials are backed with a deep understanding of the Proofpoint service. All Proofpoint Essentials trial requests are followed up with live screen share demonstrations and onboarding assistance.

Will I have to configure policies for each customer I add?

In most cases, there will some tinkering required as each customer is, of course, different from the next. However, Spambrella account managers will create service templates for each of the 4x service packages provided. Each Proofpoint Essentials trial will come with pre-defined ‘best practice’ filters created for your understanding and enablement. None of the filters created by Spambrella are enabled by default and should be reviewed by an administrator to enable each applicable filter if required.

Do I have to pay for Proofpoint Essentials Support?

Not with Spambrella. As the only dedicated Proofpoint Essentials Distributor, we pride ourselves in adding value to your business by providing all-encompassing support. Our support SLA is our strength and we pride ourselves on rapid response and assistance around the clock 24/7. Our team is fully certified to handle any request or question that may arise not only with Proofpoint Essentials but also with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and G Suite.

I already use Proofpoint Essentials, can transfer to Spambrella?

Absolutely yes. We are aware that many other Proofpoint Essentials partners have a minimum purchase price on orders. Spambrella does not have Proofpoint Essentials minimum order restraints so our partners will not need to produce and send annual purchase orders. Spambrella provides partners with a ‘Letter of Agreement’ which clearly states the month/month billing and discounting associated with the relationship.

There are no delays in transferring your Proofpoint Essentials pricing or licensing services to Spambrella. With a simple email template forward to your existing parent partner (to request approval for the move) the account can be transferred within a matter of hours. There is absolutely no downtime or impact to mail flow with your partner account or downstream customers during this transition. Please contact sales for more details.

Are there any delays with Spambrella for Proofpoint Essentials updates?

The architecture is one and the same. There are absolutely no delays with any updates, support, or information requests by using Spambrella as your Proofpoint Essentials Distribution partner. Spambrella support some of Proofpoint’s largest partners and customers around the World. If necessary, we can loop in Proofpoint to discuss the relationship and the value Spambrella adds to Proofpoint MSP partner community and customers.

Proofpoint Essentials Pricing

Please note – Spambrella will discount MSRP pricing for MSP Partners, Resellers, and community group purchases. Larger seat/licensing opportunities and not-for-profit organizations will also be discounted. Competitive offers are provided at the discretion of Spambrella.

MSRP (Per User Per Month USD)

Beginner – 1.65
Business – 3.03
Business Plus – 3.36
Advanced – 4.13
Advanced Plus – 5.13
Professional – 5.86
Professional Plus – 6.86

Proofpoint Essentials – Regional Pricing

Proofpoint Essentials – US / Americas ($USD)

Proofpoint Essentials – EMEA

Proofpoint Essentials – APJ

Proofpoint Essentials – Service Package Descriptions:

Beginner: Includes inbound and outbound email filtering, 30 days of Emergency Inbox.

Business: Includes inbound and outbound email filtering, data loss prevention filters, Attachment Defense Reputation Service, URL Defense, 30 days of Emergency Inbox and Instant Replay.

Business +: Includes Business Package features, One-Click Message Pull, and Predictive URL Defense.

Advanced: Includes Business Package features and Full Attachment Sandboxing, Email Encryption, and Social Media Protection.

Advanced +: Includes Advanced Package features and Email Warning Tags, Advanced BEC Defense, One-Click Message Pull and Predictive URL Defense.

Professional: Includes Advanced Package features and email archiving.

Professional +: Includes Professional Package features and Email Warning Tags, Advanced BEC Defense, One-Click Message Pull and Predictive URL Defense.

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Easy to onboard my customers from another spam filtering system. Very fast and haven't had any downtime in the 9 months since I have moved to Spambrella. When I have had to use support, responses where quick. I had to move all my customers from another filtering system with little notice. After I moved my customers I realised how bad the old solution I used was. Contact with Sales and Support always been professional

Allen B., Review via Gartner Capterra

Used the software for: 2+ years - 5/5 Overall
With an ever overloaded department, and with cybersecurity skills shortage getting worse securing the I.T infrastructure.

Offloading the task of e-mail filtering to Spambrella has dramatically helped in the department's performance. The only drawback in our case is that the service is hosted outside of our territory and thus out of the legal jurisdiction.

John P., Review via Gartner Capterra

Robust, versatile, and reliable...
The reliability of the service and the level of protection that it provides. My spam levels immediately dropped to near zero.

There are almost no false positives. And I'm easily able to customize the level of protection with whitelists, blacklists, and sensitivity settings. I'm also a big fan of the antivirus and URL scanning features.

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

It doesn't require an arcane knowledge to set the Spam filtering up, the guides are straight to the point and support staff are very helpful. Functionality wise, in short: we do not get spammed. Thanks to Spambrella.

Archiving wise, the new solution is easy to use, searches well and fast and is by far the cheapest we could find at the time. Ten year retention rocks!

Verified Reviewer, Review via Gartner Capterra

The service is great at filtering bad email as well as junk email out while allowing clean email though. I have used a few other options over the years and this is the best I have found. Clients sometimes have trouble configuring their settings to how they want it to be. Or tag emails as approved when they shouldn't and need IT interaction to resolve. Maybe just ease of use or having a more clear way for clients to resolve basics on their own.

Brian M., Review via Gartner Capterra

I found spambrella to be easy to set up and has dramatically reduced the number of spam emails hitting our inboxes. It was easy to 'train' the software to release any genuine emails that were caught or add any spam that was not picked up.

Within a couple of weeks of use virtually no spam arrived to our mailboxes. Spam and phishing emails are a growing problem for everyone I'm sure. I now get a very low incidence of spam.

David F., Review via Gartner Capterra

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