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Proofpoint Essentials Login – The Comprehensive List

Proofpoint Essentials Login – The Comprehensive List

As the largest dedicated Master Distributor of Proofpoint Essentials Globally, Spambrella is often contacted by organizations that transact via other distributors. The main reason for this contact is due to an end-user or admin searching for the Proofpoint Essentials login. Mainly as they have an urgent need to search email logs or to find a critical email in a hurry. More often than not, Spambrella is at the top of search results due to the high number of internet browser traffic we receive for Proofpoint Essentials requests and services. It is also the likely reason you are here now too!

The Proofpoint Essentials Login Stacks:

US Interface


EU Interface

EU1 –

The Spambrella Stacks

US Interface

US –

EU Interface


I’m unsure which Proofpoint Essentials login area is for me…

If you are unsure which service stack you are using, please contact the helpful Spambrella sales team. If you know which regional area your service is hosted in, you can, of course, try to log in (or send a password reset to your email). In most cases, when attempting to login on the US stacks, the stack will redirect you to the correct stack where your organization is positioned.

Again, if you need reassurance or wish to speak to the experts, please contact support.

Can I move my Proofpoint Essentials account to Spambrella to manage?

As an MSP Channel Partner or organization, you can make the decision based on several factors:

Firstly, how responsive is your current distributor to support requests? Are they hands-on with support by providing calls, live demonstrations, and assistance when required? Secondly, is the Proofpoint Essentials pricing at a price point where you are happy?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above then Spambrella would like to speak with you to understand your pain points. More often than not, your organization will be under a Channel Partner already working with Spambrella so we can work with them to secure the best possible outcome.

If you purchase via a Distributor or marketplace that is not providing the value Spambrella offers, you can submit a change of channel request here.

What is the most requested Proofpoint Essentials feature?

Having supported Proofpoint Essentials distributors, marketplaces, MSSPs and MSPs for over 8 years, Spambrella has been at the forefront of data collection and customer requests for product enhancement. Proofpoint has always been very direct with Spambrella on feature enhancements, the direction of their project management, and of course release dates. As with most vendors, nailing a release date and time to any requested service update proves to be difficult – Proofpoint is no different. Spambrella maintains a list of all customer requests and follows their progress on monthly calls with Proofpoint. This enables us to provide timely responses to our partners and customers.

The most requested feature has always been lead by organization admins. This was for an Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365. An add-in that enables end-users to send suspicious email directly to our threat team without the need to send it to an internal admin to forward. Removing this manual process free’s up administrative time and gives the end-user control to manage their own email security service experience. Spambrella developed the Outlook add-in which is now used by over 70% of our global customer base. Please read more here.

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