Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Turn your end-users into a strong last line of defense with Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT)

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training provides an added layer of security by testing and educating employees about the latest threat trends. From Wombat Security, a Gartner MQ leader, these unique tools and methodologies help you reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections.

Phishing Awareness

2020 Phishing Statistics - Spambrella

Those in security and IT must wonder: who doesn’t know what phishing is? The (unfortunate) answer is this: countless numbers of people…

2020 Phishing Awareness - Spambrella

Security awareness training can be a valued part of the organization’s security and privacy culture, producing measurable results, rather than a must-do compliance exercise. It provides an objective measurement of people-centric risk and has shown consistent results in lowering that risk in organizations across the globe. Timing is critical to your security awareness training program, particularly when it comes to identifying training needs, identifying users and groups, defining activities, and establishing and managing schedules.

  • Interactive Training Modules
    Help employees make the right decisions when face-to-face with a wide range of cybersecurity risks, from phishing attacks to insider threats. Each engaging interactive module takes just 5-15 minutes to complete and simulates real-life situations.
  • Awareness Videos
    Our videos are a great way to introduce your employees to the importance of security awareness training and to reinforce what they’ve already learned, increasing knowledge retention.
  • Security Awareness Materials
    Our customizable cybersecurity awareness posters, images, and articles are designed to reinforce your education initiatives, keeping security top-of-mind.

Frequency of Activities

We generally recommend the following recommendations in our best practices documentation for frequency and timing of activity:

  1. Sending a phishing test every four to six weeks and mixing up the types of themes and lures used.
  2. Using auto-enrollment on phishing tests at least once a quarter and using a targeted follow-up module, depending on the type of attack sent.
  3. Reviewing VAP reports monthly or bimonthly. Depending on what is seen there, admins should decide who should receive targeted training and which training content to use.
  4. Assigning organization-wide training at least quarterly.
  5. Repeating broad CyberStrength knowledge assessments and blind phishing tests at least once a year to compare to baseline assessments.
  6. To reinforce learning retention, schedule at least bi-annual security awareness activities like webinars, contests, or in-person (if possible) activities.

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Managed Security Awareness Training



Assess Users’ Security Awareness

Phishing is just one of the cyber threats your organization faces. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT) is a powerful end-to-end knowledge assessment tool for identifying potential vulnerabilities—from an organizational level down to the individual. Choose from our library of 260+ questions across a broad range of critical cybersecurity topics; you can also create custom questions to gauge understanding of your organization’s policies and procedures.

Drive Continuous Improvement

After using PSAT to establish a baseline measurement of your employees’ understanding, periodic reassessments allow you to track progress and target areas of concern. By combining these data-driven insights with our unique continuous improvement approach to security awareness, you can further refine your cybersecurity awareness and education plan, deliver personalized training, and reduce end-user risk.

A “no brainer” that’s easy to sell

Our services are easy to sell. Fact. They’re easy to understand, super-quick to roll out, and require no admin with our award-winning support. Working with us to help build your business is a genuine no brainer. MSPs globally partner with Spambrella to access the single user interface to offer world-leading email security services. You can now tie in Proofpoint Security Awareness Training as an add-on.

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