Spambrella Partner Value

Spambrella Sales Playbook – Value Proposition for MSP Partners

Problem Statement

Today’s email attacks (ransomware, business email compromise, and sandbox evasion) have evolved, and are outpacing the tools developed to combat them. While they may help with some aspects of email security or stop some attacks, they don’t solve the whole problem and attacks need only succeed once to seriously harm people, data, and brands. Partial security is not security.

These issues are all symptoms of the same problem: attackers are moving and adapting faster than most cyber defenses. More malware variants are flowing across more channels. Attackers are bypassing security tools with new techniques and delivery methods. Some are avoiding security altogether through novel attacks that don’t use malware at all, leaving organizations with little visibility into the real threats they’re facing. They’re consuming more time and resources when detected—if they’re detected at all. And they’re taking longer to resolve. That’s added work for already-stretched security teams, more security incidents, costlier cleanups, and greater risk to the business.

Email Security Facts – What we know from reputable sources…

Email Security Facts

Target Buyers and Challenges

Security professionals are struggling to address the speed, volume, and sophistication of today’s fast-evolving cyber threats. The traditional security approach has focused on protecting the endpoint and network. However, most of cyber threats today enter through email, threatening organizations’ brands—and their bottom line. These organizations need to strategically leverage technology to prevent malware and non-malwarebased email attacks, plus gain visibility into the full threat lifecycle to respond effectively when attacks occur.

Selling Email Security

Qualification—Positioning Statement

Spambrella solve the entire email threat problem—not just part of it—though a blend of innovation and speed, the world’s richest and most accurate threat data, and a cloud architecture that deploys quickly and continuously adapts to new threats. These factors uniquely position us to partner with customers to protect their people, data, and brand; respond to security risks faster and more reliably; and reduce costs.

  • Advanced Email Security solves the entire email threat problem—ransomware, advanced malware, targeted attacks, and socially engineered threats such as BEC that don’t use malware at all. Our multilayered approach covers every threat that matters, stopping most threats before they reach the inbox, providing full visibility across the entire attack lifecycle, and reducing the cost and complexity of resolving them. And we keep user’s inboxes free from unwanted email and accessible even if your cloud email provider goes down.
  • Spambrella innovate at the speed of threats. We reinvest nearly 20% of our revenue into R&D, one of the highest rates in the industry, to quickly adapt to new and emerging threats. Even as attackers change their tactics, customers get proven protection against threats—now and in the future.
  • Spambrella offer the industry’s richest and most accurate threat intelligence into email-borne threats. Drawing from more than 500 billion unique data points, we help organizations quickly connect the dots for more complete protection and faster response.


  1. How do you defend against ransomware and targeted attacks? What do you do before, during and after an attack?
  2. Are you concerned that, no matter how well trained your employees are, they will continue to click on malicious links and open malicious attachments?
  3. When you see these email-led attacks, do you have visibility into the volume of malicious messages? What about malicious messages blocked, delivered, or clicked?
  4. What Malware are you seeing in your environment? How is it entering?
  5. Who is targeting you and why?
  6. What tools do you use to understand threat impact?
  7. How long does it take to find and remove a malicious email?

Conversation Starter

We protect against advanced threats, such as ransomware, that use malicious attachments and URLs. Through a blend of technology, intelligence and human expertise, we stop targeted attacks before they set foot in your environment. These include known and never before seen threats that use polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and sandbox-evasion techniques to evade even “next-generation” defenses.


  • Email Protection
  • TAP
  • Premium Threat Intelligence Services

Qualification – Ineffective Threat Response

  1. How do you protect against links that bypass security and are poisoned after delivery?
  2. How do you quarantine malicious messages that were delivered and use the forensics to stop future attacks?
  3. How do you identify whether an endpoint has been compromised?
  4. Once identified, how will you orchestrate rapid response and containment?
  5. What do you have in place to catch potential information exfiltration like SSN, PII, or other sensitive data?
  6. How important to you is maintaining message privacy?
  7. Would you like to conduct a complimentary threat assessment that identifies malicious URLs and attachments residing in your email environment?

Conversation Starter

No defense can stop every attack. When something does get through, we help resolve the threat more quickly and effectively. We encrypt sensitive data and stop it from leaving your environment. We automate time-consuming forensics-collection chores so that responders can quickly verify, prioritize and respond to attacks.


  • Threat Response
  • Encryption
  • DLP
  • Continuity