User Interface 6.0 BETA – Available to Spambrella Partners Today!

General Availability Notice

We are proud to announce the release of beta user interface 6.0 which will has been rolled out for general availability to all Spambrella partners/customers.

All users can now try out the beta version of our new user interface experience by clicking ‘Preview Version 6.0 (BETA)’ located below the search bar on the upper right side of the existing user interface. See below…

Upgrade 6.0 Button

After clicking on the radio button, the following pop-up will ask users to confirm that they want to preview the new experience by clicking the blue box. This experience is reversible by clicking the toggle on the new user experience.

Warning: Users may also choose to permanently migrate their environment to new user experience by clicking ‘Permanently Migrate to Version 6.0 (BETA)’. We do not recommend that users do this unless they have previously previewed the experience and strongly prefer the new experience over the legacy experience. Making this change is permanent! All customers will be automatically migrated to the 6.0 interface by the end of June 2020.

Preview 6.0 Beta Preview

This updated user experience is the first of several exciting releases coming to Spambrella partners and customers in 2020! We look forward to your feedback on the concept and feel free to use this experience in your demos and sales process as you approach new and existing customers!

Any feedback should be directed to your dedicated business development manager by email. Alternatively please contact support.

Please be assured that the backend technology, processes, and infrastructure remain the same and will not affect any Spambrella service delivery or impact any partner or customer in any way. All current service delivery policies will remain in place – EULA and Data Processing Agreements.

See a new article regarding 2020 migrations here…

6.0 User Interface Upgrade (2020)