Add new domain to existing account

Adding a new domain to an existing organization account

As the admin, adding a new domain is simple and quick to achieve in these steps.

  • Look under ‘Administration‘ and click Account Management > Domains
  • Click the New Domain button (top left)
  • Enter a single domain and click Save
  • Specify domain name exactly e.g. or Do not use www or http:// text as it will be seen as invalid


Remember each domain is distinct
Wildcard sub-domains are not accepted
A sub-domain is a separate line entry adding a new domain.

  • Enter the primary SMTP destination server IP address where email to the newly added domain should deliver.
  • Repeat steps above until done adding domains.

NOTE: Double-check all entries before proceeding as any errors may cause the loss of relayed email.

Enabling outbound relay

As you are setting up a domain? You may want to also see if you want to Set-up Outbound Relaying at the same time.