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Spambrella Terms Glossary

Acceptable Use Policies for Email

CIDR Breakdown for

Deployment Phases And Rollout

Disable Welcome Emails

Regulations and Compliance

Disable Quarantine Digest for Functional Accounts in Bulk

How to Receive Email Notification for Service Incidents

Managing and Customizing User Licenses

Email Management Service

Setup and enable TLS 1.2 Support in Exchange

User Provisioning Options – Adding Users

SMTP Authentication

Terms of Service and End User License Agreement (EULA)

Top Viewed Articles Related to Office 365

Understanding Mail Flow

Using Spambrella with POP or IMAP


Accounts Settings Overview

Customer List Information

Re-parenting an Organization


Why Aren’t Users Receiving a Welcome Email?



Customize URL Defense Settings

Setting up Disclaimers

Customize Attachment Defense Settings

How can Partners get Custom Branding (White-Label)?



Adding a new Domain to Existing Account

Bounce Error – IP Address is an Open Relay

Email Bounces with the Message ‘Address Lookup Failed’

Masquerade Domains and Spambrella

Verify Your Domain

Sending to Distribution Groups with External Domain Recipients


Filters and Sender Lists

About Filters

About Sender Lists

Attachment Types Blocked by Default

Changing Filter Order

Creating a Filter

Error when Saving a Filter: Address Contains Invalid Characters

Filters: Expanded Overview

Filters: File Extensions

Mail Flow Scanning & Filters Order of Processing

Filter Mail from a Specific Country of Origin (Geoblocking)

How to add Mailchimp IP’s to your Safe Sender List

How to Create a Filter to Block Specific Extensions

Setting up Sender Lists

What Function does the Filter Option ‘Undecipherable Attachments’ Perform?

Whitelisting Addresses

Word Matching in Filters to Prevent False Positives



‘552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message’ although Email size is less than max receive size

Viewing Logged Messages

Bounces and Deferrals – Email Status Categories

Common Error Codes found in Message Details

Deferred Messagage Redelivery Attempt Intervals

Email Details

General Failure Message in Outlook when trying to use the Digest

How to get the Permalink of an Email Log Entry

How to Release Quarantined Emails

How to Report False Positive and False Negative Messages

How to View Outlook Email Header

Logs say ‘Delivered’ but Email has not Reached Recipients Mailbox

Mail Classification Terms and Definitions

Attachment Size Limits

SPF Check for Inbound Email

Troubleshooting Email Delivery Problems Using Email Logs

Troubleshooting Mail Flow Issues

Understanding Email Logs

Understanding Message Header Information

What Information Does the Log Details Button Provide?


Email Encryption

Intended for Administrators. Introduces Email Encryption and Provides an Overview of its functions and Features.

About Email Encryption

Email Encryption Getting Started Guide

How do I know my Encrypted Email was sent?

Is Spambrella/Proofpoint Essentials Service NIST 800-171 Compliant?

Email Encryption Plug-in for Outlook

Setting up Email Encryption Filters


Administrator Alerts

Spooling Alerts New UI


Hosted Email Services

Configuring Intermedia Sending Servers

Configuring Office 365

Configuring G-Suite (Google Apps)

How to log in with an Office 365 Account

Spambrella Response to Microsoft Auto-Encryption

Why is SPF Check Failing with Office 365?

Why are you not Receiving Emails from a Website Contact Form


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