Deployment Phases and Rollout

Situation – The console has four phases of deployment. During your rollout/deployment, you want to know what order to deploy each phase and what each phase includes.

Solution – Manage your Essentials console in the following sequence.

  • Activation
  • Pilot
  • Rollout
  • Maintenance

For the smoothest deployment possible, you should go through the following four phases:

1. Activation

This gives you access to the Administration Console, with one administrative account, one organization, and one server.

2. Pilot

Add a small group of users and possibly additional administrators. Set up your service.

3. Rollout

Using LDAP Discovery, add your remaining users and domains, and set the filter configurations and access levels as required.

4. Maintenance

On-going support of your users and servers. This may require adjusting filter settings, managing users and domains, and adding new or configuring existing email servers.