Getting Started with Email Archiving

Welcome to your Email Archive Getting Started Guide!

This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on configuring the Spambrella (Professional Package) Email Archive.
The following topics are covered:

  • Configuring the Email Archive
  • Configuring your Exchange or Office 365 environment for Remote (SMTP) Journaling
  • Configure your Exchange environment for Journaling
  • Verifying your Archive setup
  • Additional information

Configuring The Email Archive – See attached guide for details

Configuring Email Archive involves the following steps:

  • Review your organizations retention policy
  • Grant archive users additional permissions to interact with the archive
  • Connecting to your Exchange or Office 365 environment

Step 1: Managing Retention

The Email Archive allows organizations to assign a retention policy to all archived email. This setting will apply to all archived email. By default, the retention policy is set to 12 months (1 year).

If you wish to change your retention policy you will need to update the retention policy currently applied to the organization.

For more information on managing your retention policy as well as instructions on changing your retention period, refer to: Manage Retention and Legal Holds

Step 2: Managing Users

Your organizations users are automatically synced between Spambrella and the Email Archive. If you have not yet added users to your organization than you should complete that step before proceeding.

Users who have login rights to the Spambrella user interface are, by default, able to access their personal archive. This allows them to search for any email that is associated to them (emails that they send or receive). If you do not wish for users to be able to access the archive, you will need to create an Access Control to disable this ability.

The following roles can be assigned to your users:


An archive administrator can manage the archive configuration for an organization. This includes:

  • add, edit, remove a connections
  • edit user permissions
  • edit retention policy
  • enable/disable a legal hold

Discovery User:

discovery user has rights to search all archived email for an organization. 

For more information on managing your archive users as well as instructions on assigning additional roles, refer to: Managing Email Archive users

Step 3: Managing Connections

Connections are used to “connect” the Email Archive to your messaging environment for the purposes of collecting and archiving your organizations email.

There are two methods available:


An SMTP connection allows you to remotely journal your organizations email to a Spambrella SMTP address.

Remote Journaling is required for organizations using Office 365.

Remote Journaling is supported for organizations using Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016.


An IMAP connection requires that you journal email to a local mailbox and allow Spambrella to connect to the mailbox to pull email. 

Configuring Your Exchange Or Office 365 Environment For Remote (SMTP) Journaling

Configuring your Exchange or Office 365 environment involves the following steps:

  • Creating an external contact (Exchange only)
  • Creating a send/outbound connector
  • Configure journaling

Step 1: Creating An External Contact

An external contact is required when configuring remote (SMTP) journaling in your Exchange environment. 

For assistance creating an external contact in Exchange 2010, please email

For assistance creating an external contact in Exchange 2013 or 2016, please email

Step 2: Creating An Outbound / Send Connector

A send or outbound connector is required when configuring remote (SMTP) journaling in your Exchange environment. The connector ensures that your journaled email is sent to the Email Archive SMTP service without being routed to the default Spambrella outbound smarthost. The default smarthost will filter your Organizations outbound email for spam and viruses as well as apply outbound throttling limits. As a result if you direct your journaling traffic your archive will be incomplete.

Step 3: Configuring Journaling

The Spambrella Email Archive leverages Microsoft’s Journaling feature in order to capture your organizations email.

For instructions on configuring journaling in Office 365 refer to: Configuring Journaling for Office 365

Verifying Your Archive Setup

Once you have completed both the Spambrella Email Archive and Exchange/Office 365 configuration you should search your archive to verify that your emails are being archived.