Managing Retention and Legal Holds


All archived messages are retained in the Archive for at least one year from the date on which they were archived, and can be retained for a maximum of 10 years. Once that time is reached, messages are automatically removed from the Archive, unless the company-wide legal hold is in effect.

If the company-wide legal hold is not enabled, shortening the retention period may cause currently-retained messages to be removed from the Archive.

To change the default retention period:

  1. In the Email Archive sidebar, hover over  and click Retention & Legal Holds.
  2. Drag the Retention Period slider until the appropriate retention period is shown.
  3. Click Save.

Legal Hold

A company-wide legal hold can be used to retain all archived messages indefinitely: while the legal hold is in place, even archived messages that have reached their retention period remain in the Archive.

Disabling the company-wide legal hold will dispose of messages that are older than the currently defined retention period: use caution when enabling or disabling it.

To enable the legal hold:

1. In the sidebar, hover over and click Retention & Legal Holds.
2. Use the Company Legal Hold slider to enable the legal hold.
3. Click Save.