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Spambrella continues to expand on the tools it is building for its MSP partners and customers…We are proud to announce the release of the Spambrella (Proofpoint Essentials) Office 365 Outlook add-in. Version 1.2 now includes ‘Encrypt Message’, ‘Access Quarantine’ and ‘Access Archive’ buttons for administrators and end-users.

Version 1.2

The Microsoft Office 365 Outlook add-in is developed for Spambrella and Proofpoint Essentials services and will work across all service stacks. Proofpoint Essentials is delivered on US1 through to US5 and a single stack instance resides in Europe on EU1. The Spambrella M365 Outlook add-in will integrate seamlessly via a Spambrella stack through any Proofpoint Essentials customer account. The add-in will not operate unless the customer account is under Spambrella as a Proofpoint Distributor. Migrating your account to Spambrella to access the free add-in is very simple – Please follow this guide.

Once you have added the add-in to Outlook, it will automatically populate the ribbon section of the Outlook application and Outlook Web Access. Additional functionality is available when creating a new message to encrypt the message when sending (The customer must be subscribed to the Advanced or Advanced + service plans). The functionality of the add-in is to provide the below end-user ease of use and will be shaped around customer/partner requirements moving forward. We rely on our customers and partners to suggest functionality to improve the tool.


  • Enables users to quickly report suspicious emails to Spambrella.
  • Users can submit safe or block list entries from the add-in which then populate the end-user sender lists.
  • No need to wait for Quarantine digest emails – Click ‘Quarantine’ from the add-in for instant access (admin and end-user view).
  • Access Archive – for customers subscribed to ‘Professional or Professional +’ – get instant access to personal archives (global view as admin).


  • Report Email – If sent from the SAT service, clicking this will present the end-user with a congratulations message for identifying a potentially malicious email. Although this email was sent from the threat simulation service, the end-user was able to identify it correctly.

As an administrator, we suggest you first activate the add-in within your own Outlook client to test prior to pushing it out to all end-users.

If you have a feature enhancement request, please email support@spambrella.com – we are quick to develop and add new valuable features.

Request access via the sales or technical support team.

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