Transfer Proofpoint Essentials Account

The below email template can be used to Transfer Proofpoint Essentials Account service to Spambrella. You must copy or your dedicated account manager at Spambrella in the communication. Please forward the below to your customer and have them deliver this to their current reseller/partner. Upon response, Spambrella can continue with the transition without downtime/impact to the customer.

Hello XXXX,

I am writing to inform you that we are transitioning our Proofpoint Essentials business away from (Your Supplier Name) effective immediately.
At your earliest convenience, can you please REPLY ALL to this email with your acceptance/confirmation? Please let me know if you need any additional information to complete this process.

Thank you,

Please copy your Spambrella account manager and the below regional Proofpoint email address when sending the above to your existing distributour:

US – 


What happens next:

  • Incumbent Proofpoint Essentials partner responds with clearance to transfer the account to Spambrella.
  • Spambrella initiates transfer of customer account (no downtime/impact on account or sibling customers).
  • Transfer complete – Spambrella BDM will contact the Admin at the customer to confirm completion of transfer.
  • Spambrella Accounts Department set up monthly metered billing account.
  • Spambrella BDM will perform full account review.
  • Spambrella BDM set up of Proofpoint Essentials ‘best practice’ service package templates.
  • Spambrella BDM schedules Admin/Tech team screen share training and quarterly review dates.

Please note – If moving your account away from Spambrella you will lose access to our Proofpoint Essentials Connectwise integration, onboarding tools and general service. The end-user Outlook & Office 365 add-in or plugin access is revoked automatically which is not available through any other Proofpoint distribution partner.

Microsoft 365 Outlook Add-In for Proofpoint Essentials

The Microsoft Office 365 Outlook add-in is developed by Spambrella for Proofpoint Essentials services and will work across all service stacks. Proofpoint Essentials is delivered on US1 through to US5 and a single stack instance resides in Europe on EU1. The Spambrella M365 Outlook add-in will integrate seamlessly via a Spambrella stack through any Proofpoint Essentials customer account. The add-in will not operate unless the customer account is under Spambrella as a Proofpoint Distributor. Please read more on the add-in here.

Partners – Please check partner agreeements for commitment terms.

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