Proofpoint Essentials MSP Partner Program

This article is intended for Proofpoint Essentials MSP partners. If you wish to discuss your relationship, support, or the real value that Spambrella offers to Proofpoint Essentials partners, contact the sales team.

Spambrella offers the Proofpoint service to customers Internationally, branded as ‘Proofpoint’ or as ‘Spambrella’. The Spambrella branded portal/interface offers Proofpoint Essentials MSP’s the opportunity to brand the UI as their very own. This provides partners with a sleek email security value offering for your managed services business, branded as you wish.

Revenue that Scales with You:

Choose the licensing model that suits your current commercial needs…

Spambrella delivers clear profit margins per service package, fixed with long term commitment of discounting. There are no startup fees, price hikes, support costs, or maintenance costs. No hidden white label costs, no annual commitment models, no user minimums.

Unequaled Proofpoint Essentials MSP support value:

  • Generous lead generation packages.
  • Onboarding and training assistance.
  • Dedicated partner manager.
  • Closing assistance (white-labeled).
  • 1st line support packages (white-labeled).
  • Documentation fully white labeled.
  • Knowledgebase creation.
  • API integration.
  • Long term price promise.

Proofpoint Essentials UK and Europe.

If you are looking for a monthly distribution partner for Proofpoint Essentials MSP partner program, Spambrella is the Distributor you have been looking for. With monthly metered billing at no additional cost or loss to your valuable sales margin, Spambrella is the go-to choice for Proofpoint Essentials partners in the UK looking for monthly Proofpoint Essentials metered billing.

Proofpoint Essentials Americas.

Spambrella services some of the largest service providers, hosting companies, and MSPs with full OEM/white labeled Proofpoint services. Spambrella provides all partners with monthly billing at fixed low rates from the outset. Discounting is of paramount importance to Spambrella to enable all partners to profit and grow as quickly as possible.

Proofpoint Essentials Asia Pacific.

As a Proofpoint Essentials partner via the Spambrella partner program, you’ll benefit from a 100% channel-focused offering—with competitive, monthly pricing plans and packages to suit a variety of customer needs and budgets. Enjoy Payment Flexibility – Our partner program has a monthly utility billing option among other commercial options. As your investment in Proofpoint Essentials grows, so does your margin.

Microsoft 365 Outlook Add-In for Proofpoint Essentials

The Microsoft Office 365 Outlook add-in is developed for Spambrella and Proofpoint Essentials services and will work across all service stacks. Proofpoint Essentials is delivered on US1 through to US5 and a single stack instance resides in Europe on EU1. The Spambrella M365 Outlook add-in will integrate seamlessly via a Spambrella stack through any Proofpoint Essentials customer account. The add-in will not operate unless the customer account is under Spambrella as a Proofpoint Distributor. Migrating your account to Spambrella to access the free add-in is very simple – Please follow this guide.

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