Disable Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are set to send to any ‘End User’ created on the system by default. You may turn off the sending of Welcome emails in the ‘Notifications’ section. If you do not see a ‘Notifications’ section please contact your parent partner or support@spambrella.com to assist further.

Users created as “Silent Users” will not have the Welcome email sent. Users will not be able to login to the service until the user account is converted to an “End User” account. You may then send the welcome emails out to all users.

FAQ: I have imported my users and now wish to send Welcome emails to all users.

Answer – Partner Admins and Org Admins can navigate to ‘Users & Groups’. From here click ‘select’ on the drop-down menu and choose the ‘Mass Update’ option. Now select all users you wish to send a Welcome email to and click on ‘Send Welcome Email’. Then click ‘Update Users’.

Members of the Partner Program

You can disable all ‘Welcome’ emails by default in ‘Customers’ > ‘Automation Settings’. If you require further guidance please contact your partner BDM or support@spambrella.com.