Email Details

About Email Details

Email details explain how Spambrella scored an email message as was processed through the Anti-Virus, Attachment Defense, and Spam Engine infrastructure. The goal is to provide more information on Spambrella scoring so an informed decision can be made on how to handle the email. Scoring details are shown in the four categories listed below.


The email details ‘classification‘ reflects Spambrella’s opinion on how the email should be treated. Classifications are expanded with the introduction of a Classification Breakdown table visible on the detail page.

Threat Level

Threat Level denotes the risk associated with the email: this risk should be kept in mind before acting on a quarantined email.


Confidence reflects scoring. A lower confidence score suggests there is the potential for error in the decision to quarantine the email. Typically confidence does not reflect a definitive outcome.


Tags provide users and administrators with detail on the logic behind the decision to quarantine and assign a Classification to a message. Tags for viruses and Attachment Defense will include the virus/attachment name that triggered the tag.

Classification Breakdown

The Classification Breakdown is a matrix denoting the confidence associated with each tag.

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