Re-parenting an Organization

Situation – When an MSP Partner or reseller account changes, here is how you re-parent an organization.
Solution – Organizational Admin (OA) will follow the out-lined steps to request a re-parent.

Change of Channel Definitions

Change of Channel: a request to switch provider, also known as a “move request, is initiated when either an:

  1. End customer wants to move from one MSP/Reseller to another MSP/Reseller
  2. An MSP/Reseller wants to move from one Distributor to another.

Parent Account: the upstream provider who “owns” the account requesting the move OR a partner account that owns several existing accounts downstream.

Requesting Account: the account (either end organization or MSP/Reseller) requesting to have their account ownership changed via the Change of Channel process

Reparenting: when a Change of Channel is executed, the ownership of the account or partner account is transferred from one parent account to another. This process does not cause any downtime or impact to mail flow.

Change Of Channel Requests Policy

Change of Channel requests occur for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to  – a partner going out of business, a lack of response or support from the current Parent (Partner or Distributor), performance issues due to mismanagement, agreement terms, billing issues, pricing, value-added services, integrations with other cloud services or platforms.

Spambrella does not provide preferential treatment or facilitate Change of Channel requests on behalf of any partner. Spambrella understands that Change of Channel requests will occur for the reasons stated above and Spambrella believes end customers and MSP/resellers should be able to purchase services from whoever they wish presuming their contractual obligations to the previous Parent Account have been fulfilled.

The Change of Channel process provides a seamless transition of ownership for those customers and/or partners who are seeking a new upstream provider. Spambrella’s top priority is maintaining customer and partner satisfaction.

Change Of Channel Requirements

To submit a Change of Channel account, an authorized administrator for the account must send an email to their current Parent Account (MSP/Partner or Distributor) using the Change of Channel Request Template

Change of Channel requests must be initiated by authorized administrators of the Requesting Account. Requests initiated by third parties, unauthorized users from the Requesting Account or the “receiving” Parent Account will be rejected.

The purpose of the Change of Channel Request is to obtain a confirmation of release from the current Parent Account providing the service. Spambrella requires this in order to establish that the Requesting Account has satisfied and is released from any agreements in place with respect to contracts, terms, volume commitments, revenue commitments, or even monies owed for past due invoices.

Note: Do not include any other Spambrella personnel or alias in the request. Change of Channel request emails with other Spambrella personnel copied (“cc”) or blind copied (“bcc”) will result in the rejection of the request until a new email thread has been established that meets this criterion.

Spambrella’s expectation is that the Parent Account will respond within 3 business days of the Change of Channel request being submitted. If the request is denied by the Parent Account a detailed response should be provided to the party requesting the move explaining to them any outstanding obligations or terms they are under contract to meet. Spambrella appreciates cooperation from all parties involved as customer satisfaction is a priority.

Should Spambrella suspect and/or determine that any of the following actions were conducted by a Parent Account towards the party requesting a move:

  • Intentional delay tactics in holding up a move request
  • Retribution conducted by a Parent Account towards the party submitting a move request: actions such as but not limited to: cutting off mail flow, holding a domain hostage so that it may not be re-provisioned under another partner, deleting out data such as logs or users, etc…

Such actions as described above will not be tolerated and may result in warnings and or consequences being initiated by Spambrella, up to and including deactivation of the Parent’s partner account.

Migrate your Proofpoint Essentials service to Spambrella

To (Current Parent Account),

I am writing to inform you that we, [Requesting Account name] are submitting a formal move request to transition our Proofpoint Essentials Account(s) away from you, [Parent Account name].

Please REPLY to ALL on this email with your acknowledgment and confirmation that we have no outstanding contractual obligations after the close of this month/current billing cycle (whichever occurs first).

Please contact me if there is any additional information required to complete this process.

Thank you!