Why Aren’t my Users Receiving a Welcome Email?

Situation – Why aren’t my users receiving a Welcome email?

Solution – Here are some reasons why a customer would not get their Welcome email, as well as some additional articles about welcome emails that may be helpful.

Welcome Email Settings

Once a new user has been registered on the system, the user would typically receive a welcome email containing their login details for the Spambrella Interface.

  • If they have not received a welcome email it may be because your default new user privilege is set to silent user.
    • Default new user privileges can be found under User Management > Import and Sync.
  • If users were set as Silent, you can use the mass update feature (within Users & Groups) to set these users to End-user by changing their role.
  • At the same time, you can use the feature to Send Welcome Email at the time of the update.
  • Make sure that Send Welcome Email is checked/enabled or else a welcome email will not be generated in any form.

The Spambrella IPs, per the Lockdown set-up portion, do not need to be added. Adding the IPs assist in recognizing the Spambrella servers to not be blocked by any of your other security products.

Check out our article Sending Welcome Email to Multiple Users. Or if you do NOT want your users to receive welcome emails, check out our article Disable Welcome Emails.

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