Customer List Information

Situation – This article is created for MSP Partners and Resellers who wish to get a list of their customers.
Solution – The list can be exported via CSV or Excel Sheet. Information to do so is listed below.

Customer List Information

For MSP partners and reseller accounts, a list of customers is found in the ‘Administration’ > Customer Management > Customers area. You can navigate to the appropriate customer here. You can also get more detailed information on accounts as well, expanding the table to include the information.


The information from this list can be copied, printed, or exported as a CSV or Excel sheet.

Available Information

From the customer tab, there is a button labeled Show/hide columns. Pressing this will expand out a list of columns to show or hide:

  • Country
  • Primary Domain
  • Active Functional Accounts
  • Beginner + (package)
  • Active (default checked)
  • Actions (default checked)
  • Customer Address
  • Domains
  • Licensed Users
  • On Trial
  • Start (default checked)
  • Post Code / Zip
  • Active Users (default checked)
  • Package (default checked)
  • Renewal (default checked) – Date when the account will next be renewed
  • Last Updated

The two extra settings are to mass select, i.e. Show All, or restore the settings.

Un/Checking any of the above will dynamically expand or collapse the table to include the additional information.

Available Information – More Detailed Information

To get more information, click on the cog icon next to the Show/hide columns, then click the Make All Columns Available option. The page will refresh, then press the Show/hide columns, and additional information will be available. (Reading down the columns.)

  • All items from above
  • Customer Type – Strategic Partner/Channel/Organisation etc.
  • Tech Contact Primary Email Address
  • Billing Contact
  • Active Group Filters – Total number of filters associated with Groups
  • In: Alw – Total number of inbound “Filtered: Allow” mail in the last 30 days
  • In: Spm – Total number of inbound spam in the last 30 days 
  • Out: Alw – Total number of outbound “Filtered: Allow” mail in the last 30 days
  • Out: Spam – Total number of outbound spam in the last 30 days
  • Customer Address
  • Admin Contact
  • Billing Contact Primary Email Address
  • Active Account Filters – Number of filters in active user & functional accounts
  • Inactive Functional Accounts
  • In: Cln – Total number of inbound mail marked as clean for the last 30 days
  • In Blo – Total number of inbound “Filtered: Block” mail for the last 30 days
  • Out: Cln
  • Out: Blo
  • Trial Package
  • Test Account
  • Activation Date (default checked)
  • Tech Contact
  • Admin Contact Primary Email Address
  • Active Company Filters – Overall number of active, company-wide filters
  • Groups
  • Inactive Users
  • In: Total – Total number of inbound mail for the last 30 days 
  • In: Vir –  Total number of inbound mail blocked with a virus in the last 30 days 
  • Out: Total
  • Out: Vir
  • Trial Extended – Tick or “X” indicating whether the account has had its trial extended 
  • Day to Trial End
  • Datacentre – EU, US1 etc.
  • Relay Any Address

Unable to delete an Admin account

If the MSP/reseller has an admin account which is also set up as a Tech contact for their customers, it cannot be deleted until removed from the Tech contact field for all their customers.

How to delete an admin account:

  1. How to update Tech contact for a customer:
    1. Click on the Customer tab to get a list of all customers.
    2. Click any specific customer then their Profile tab.
    3. Click Change Profile Information.
    4. Update the Tech contact field by selecting a different account from the drop-down and click Save.

The desired account can now be deleted.