Setting up Disclaimers on Spambrella

Disclaimers are an optional feature: consult your administrator to see if they are enabled for your system.

Disclaimers are standard pieces of content that appear at the end of your emails. For environments where outbound mail goes through Essentials and for which disclaimers are enabled, you can define a disclaimer to be added to all your outbound messages.

If you do not define your own disclaimer, the one associated with your company or, if you belong to a group, the one associated with that group, will be used.

How do I set up a disclaimer for outbound email?

When your organization enables the Spambrella Outbound Relay service, it is possible to setup a bespoke disclaimer for all outbound emails sent out from the registered organization.

Simply, login to the interface and under the Administration section click > Account Management > Features > click the checkbox ‘Enable Disclaimers‘.

Now under ‘Security Settings‘ click Email > Disclaimers.

2 textboxes will be displayed on the screen and whatever text you insert into these will be applied to all outbound email.

Can I set up two different disclaimers for one client with two domains?

Yes – simply put the users of each domain into different groups and assign the disclaimer to the group and not the organization – this assumes the secondary email addresses are registered as separate users.

Remember to click Save!

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