Logs say “Delivered” but email has not reached recipient’s mailbox

Situation – In the Spambrella User Interface, the status of an email is Delivered, however, it has not reached the recipient’s mailbox. The recipient of your outbound message has not received it.

Solution – Check the Delivery Response from the message Detail view and use the Message ID to trace the message on the downstream mail server

Detailed Email Log Entry

There are a number of reasons why an email might not have made it to the recipient’s mailbox. You can view the Detailed Email Log information by clicking on the Detail option from the UI Logs to check the Last Delivery Response. This provides confirmation that the email has been handed off to the downstream mail server.

Log Details - Spambrella

  1. From the Logs, search for the message in question.
  2. Under Actions, click Detail.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled Per-Recipient Classification & Delivery Status
  4. In the field marked Delivery there will be information, including the Last Delivery Response from the downstream mail server, similar to the below extract:

Status delivered - Spambrella

The 250 hand-off response confirms that the downstream mail server has accepted the message from the Spambrella dispatch server. At this point, the message is outside of Spambrella’s control. Before using the Internal ID to trace the email, it is worth checking the recipient’s junk folder.

Using The Message-ID To Trace The Email

This trace is specific to Office 365 and will differ depending on the mail server.

From the Office 365 Exchange Admin Center, the Message-ID can be used to perform a Message Trace.

  1. From the Exchange Admin Center, under Mail Flow click Message Trace.
  2. Use the fields to narrow down the search criteria.
  3. In the Message-ID field, paste the Message-ID provided in the Spambrella Detailed Log Information.

Message-ID Trace - Spambrella

  1. Click Search.
  2. Use the trace results to confirm the delivery status and check the Message Events for potential hold-ups,

Trace Result Office365 - Spambrella

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