Spooling Alerts

Situation – Is it possible to get alerts when emails are queuing? How do I set up spooling alerts?

Solution – Steps to enable spooling alerts through SMS or Email

About Spooling Alerts

Spooling alerts are notifications that are sent to designated contacts when Spambrella is unable to deliver mail to the delivery destination of a registered domain. There are two conditions that trigger an alert:

  • When the number of messages that cannot be delivered hits a threshold, an alert notification is sent.
  • When successful message delivery has resumed, an all-clear notification is sent

Spooling alerts can be delivered as emails, SMS messages, or both. 

Configuring Spooling Alerts

Configuring Spooling Alerts For A Single Account

  1. On the Alerts tab, click the toggle to enable spooling alerts.
  2. Click Send To and choose which contact (admin or tech contact) should receive the alert.
  3. Click Alert Delivery Method and choose the preferred alert delivery method.
  4. Click Save.

Spooling Alerts - Spambrella

Configure Spooling Alerts For All Accounts (Partners Only)

  1. On the Account Management tab, click the Automation Settings button.
  2. Check Enable Spooling Alerts.
  3. Click Send To and choose who should receive the alert.
  4. Click Alert Delivery Method and choose the alert delivery method.
  5. Check Update Spooling Alerts Settings for all existing customers.
  6. Click Save.

Spooling Alerts Automation - Spambrella

Spooling Alert Examples

Email Alert – Spooling example:

Spooling Alert Fail - Spambrella

Email Alert – All clear example:

Spooling Alert Email Clear - Spambrella

SMS Notification

SMS Alert – Spooling example:

Spooling Alert SMS Example - Spambrella

SMS Alert – All clear example:

SMS Alert - All clear example - Spambrella


Spooling Alerts

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