Outbound IP Is Open Relay Error

Situation – You receive a bounce error or see information in your logs indicating IP Address is an open relay.
Solution – Open relay is not allowed on the Spambrella platform.

Outbound IP Is Open Relay Error Issue

Receiving a bounce error or see in your logs: “IP Address is an open relay.”

This issue confirms that your set-up for outbound relay is configured properly through the Spambrella smart host, otherwise you would not be seeing this error.


A relay test is periodically done against a customer’s sending IP. These are the Sending Servers found in the Domains area. The test we perform against these IPs checks if your IP allows us to send/relay from a domain not found in your Domain list.

  • If your system only allows relays from your domains, it will fail our open relay test, and you do not receive the above error.
  • If your system allows any domain to send, we consider this an open relay. You can check your mail logs for this issue.

Secure Your Mail Server

Per the test, your system is allowing any domain not in your Domain list to send. You can do multiple things from your mail server side.

  • Create rules to only allow your valid domains to send
  • Do not allow relay for outside connections

These are only suggestions. You can secure your mail server as desired.

How can I retest?

The periodic check is automated.

How can I relay again?

Upon a re-test by our automated system, if our test fails then your IP will be allowed relay again. Unfortunately, if our system still is able to relay, then the IP will continue to be blocked.