Archive Export 2.0 – Self Service

Archive Export (version 2.0) – Self Service

Exports can be completed by the customer themselves at any time.
Spambrella no longer offers an export service from our side as the process is built into 2.0.

Here is the process the customer should follow:

  • Go into archive and do a blank search for a specific time period that will capture up to 100,000 messages. We have a limit of 100,000 messages at a time for export.
  • Once you have a search that results in close to 100,000 messages, choose the export option in the upper right corner of the search results.
  • The export will create a zip file on the destination location with .eml files of all the search results.
  • Repeat with a new search for the next 100,000 messages and export those.
  • Continue sequentially exporting data 100,000 messages at a time until the entire archive has been exported.
  • You will now have all archived mail in zipped .eml format for importing to a new service or for searching as needed.

You can disable the domain relays when they are ready to switch us off but they will need to have their account active until all archives have been exported.