Changing Filtering Service to Spambrella

When moving from one filtering service to another, or setting up for the first time, there are steps to include when setting up Spambrella that may be forgotten outside of our standard steps.

Remember to add in our IP ranges into your firewall.

However, adding to your firewall is not enough, specifically in the case of an existing filtering service going to your mail server. Your mail server itself may have other security protocols in place, especially if using a Microsoft Exchange environment.

Inbound Mail

Like the firewall settings, your mail server may have specific IP ranges that accept mail. Please make sure to add in the Spambrella IP ranges into your current mail server security settings. This is especially important for when moving from a different filtering service and you are only accepting mail your previous providers IPs.

Note: The Spambrella logs will indicate we will be setting your mail status as “Deferred” if we cannot talk to your mail server.

Outbound Mail

For outbound mail, although you may have set-up the smarthost properly, this does not mean mail will flow to the Spambrella smarthost. If you have specific rules in place please check your rules to see if any exist that could contradict sending to the Spambrella server.

Note: Spambrella support would not be able to easily assist you on this. If mail does not flow into our server via SMTP, we would not see anything at all, even in our logs. You would need to diagnose this on your mail server, hence please check your outbound rules and logs first.