Can I CNAME my MX Records?

What are CNAME records?

CNAME records are aliases of, or redirect to, other DNS entries.

Can I use a CNAME record with Spambrella?

CNAME should work with Spambrella but this method is not officially supported by us. Due to this, our team will not support CNAME issues or email delivery issues which may arise or point to CNAME.

Please be aware that many issues can arise from CNAME…

– ‘@’ Host CNAME Records: Please note that many issues can be caused by the inclusion of an ‘@’ host CNAME (that is, a CNAME for your ‘bare’ domain, e.g. “”).

Because of how CNAME records work and resolve in the DNS system they will prevent the correct resolution of any other DNS records for the same host. For the ‘@’ host this includes MX records, NS records and the SOA itself and so the issues caused can be extensive (notably your MX records not resolving will halt incoming mail). Your bare domain name should always resolve (if it resolves anywhere) via A record (or AAAA record) to an IP address – a common solution is to redirect your bare domain name to the ‘www’ host and have this ‘www’ host resolve via CNAME.