Customer Status Settings

The following settings can be found under Company Settings -> Account Settings

Customer Status Settings – These settings will allow you to better manage and administrate customer accounts to your business requirements. 

The options available within the Customer Status Settings are as follows:

  • Automatic Renewal: Select this option if you wish for Spambrella to automatically renew accounts immediately on expiry of their current subscription to ensure that email delivery is never affected.
  • Deactivation delay: This option allows you to stipulate the number of days we will wait, after the renewal date has lapsed, before the account gets subsequently deactivated. NB. Once an account is deactivated Spambrella will no longer process email for the account until the contract is manually renewed within the interface (i.e. Simply sign-in to the interface and click on ‘renew now’ on the company settings page).
  • (MDL) Remember to change MX Records: This option allows a notification to be sent to the customer 48hrs prior to deactivation to advise them to change their MX records so that their email is not disrupted.
  • Automatic Deletion: Spambrella will automatically delete deactivated accounts on day 31. However, if you wish to complete the deletion process sooner you can select this option and specify when the account should be deleted.
  • Deletion Delay: Selecting this option will allow you to specify the number of days after an account has been deactivated before it is deleted from the system. NB. When an account is deleted from the system this is a permanent action and the account details cannot be retrieved under any circumstances. If you wish to reopen an account at this point it must be re-added to the system as a brand new customer and the entire setup process must be completed once again.