Customer Templates

How to Create a Customer Template

When adding a new customer to your channel account, you can create custom template to make it easier to set your customer up the way you want. You can find the templates under Customers -> Templates

Here you can create a new custom template:

  1. Select New Template
  2. Give the template a name
  3. Select Package type
  4. Create Template
  5. Next You want to edit the template

Find your template and select the Pencil icon on the right.

Here now you can configure how you want your client’s configuration to be by default. You can configure:

  • Profile settings – Here is where you set up Beginner Plus Packages
  • Features settings – Turn off or on Default Features related to this package level
  • SMTP Discovery Settings – set-up auto adds users feature.
  • Custom Filter Settings – customer filter policies
  • Sender lists Settings – Set up Whitelist/Blacklists
  • Sending server or Managed hosted services – Outgoing server setup (assuming that everyone who is set up with this template have the same sending servers)
  • Spam Settings – Adjust the default level of spam filtering.
  • Digest Settings – Setting up the default digest settings
  • Notifications – Customer welcome letters can be set up.
  • Access control – Adjust what of access you want your Org admins and End-users

While your editing you can also change up the template by selecting the Dropdown menu on top.

Once you’re done editing the template on the top Click on Done Editing.