DLP – Data Loss Prevention FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What packages is Data Loss Prevention included in? 

  • Data Loss Prevention is included in the Business, Advanced and Professional package.

 Q. How is Data Loss Prevention enabled? 

  • Data Loss Prevention can be enabled or disabled on the Spambrella features page.
  • Data Loss Prevention is disabled by default.
  • At present, only Spambrella Admins and Spambrella Staff can enable the DLP feature.

Q. Do the logs report on Scan information? 

  • No. Logs will only indicate which filter caught the message but it will not identify the Smart Identifier or Dictionary.

Q. Can a user see the terms included in the dictionary? 

  • No, not as this time. Please enquire with support.

Q. Does Spambrella support custom dictionaries?

  • No, not as this time although custom content filters can be created.

Q. Is Data Loss Prevention available for customers on trial? 

  • Yes.

Q. How do I know Data Loss Prevention is enabled?

  • On the Company Settings main page: Data Loss prevention will state “Active.”
  • Go to the Filters. When creating a filter, two new items appear:
  • Smart Identifier Scan
  • Dictionary Scan