Edit Template Drive By Campaign – PSAT (Setup)

QuestionHow do I edit an email template in a Drive By Campaign?

AnswerTo edit an email template, follow the steps below:

  1. ​Choose template
  2. Click on the pencil icon to Edit
  3. Under Settings, you can make the following edits:
    • Name: not visible to end users
    • From Name and Email Address:  This lets you customize the email address used to send the campaign.  In addition, this section provides the ability to spoof the recipient’s email address. The Use recipient’s own email address radio dial must be selected for that to happen.
      • Note: If you select this option, the phish will most likely be blocked by your mail filters.  Please contact your mail administrator for assistance.
    • Reply to Email Address:  Specify an internal email address if you would like to capture replies
    • Email Subject: use the following substitution strings to customize the subject:
      • %EMAIL%
      • %TIME%
      • %DATE%
      • %COMPANY%
      • %FIRSTNAME%
      • %LASTNAME%
    • Landing Domain:  used to set the sub-domain for the URL sent to user
    • URL:  sets any extra information in the path after URL – subdirectories
  4. Under Message, you can make the following edits:
    • ​Body of Email:  make edits in the WYSIWYG editor to make template more challenging or more obvious to spot. Most used editing tools:
      • Source: used to edit email in HTML
      • Maximize Edit Window: useful when working on lengthy emails
      • Phishing links:  add link in template
      • Time, Date, and Shorter Date: displayed relative to your selected time zone
      • Image icon: upload and resize images in email body
  5. Select Send Test Email to verify that all information is correct.
  6. If everything looks ok, click Save

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