Edit Training Reminder – PSAT (Educate)

QuestionHow do I edit a training reminder?


  1. Navigate to Training 
  2. ​Depending on the type of assignment you’re editing, select either the Scheduled or Duration tab.
  3. Select the Assignment Name in the table to edit.
  4. From the Edit Assignment page, scroll down to the Notifications section
  5. Depending on the type of assignment selected, follow one of the options below to make changes to the reminder date(s):
    • For Scheduled assignments, place your cursor in the Send Date(s) field and select or deselect date(s) on the calendar as needed to make your changes.
    • For Duration assignments, place your cursor in the Reminder(s) Sent After field and modify or delete the value(s) as needed to make your changes.
    • Reminder emails that have already been sent display in the Sent Reminders section with the corresponding Sent On date(s).
  6. Scroll down and click Submit


  • You can add as many reminders as you would like up until the end date.
  • You can have different reminders go out on different days but only one reminder can be sent out per day.
  • Only users who have not completed training will receive reminder notifications.
  • This event URL expires 30 days after the assignment due date.
  • The reminders are sent at midnight ET time on the selected dates.