Encrypting An Email – Proofpoint

If you wish to make use of Spambrella Encryption service (Proofpoint Secure Share) you must be subscribed to the Advanced or Professional email security service packages. Please visit the email security service page to review the plans available.

Enable Email Encryption Service

  • Navigate to Administration / Account ManagementFeatures
  • Tick check box – Enable Email Encryption
  • Click – Save

How to create the standard subject filter with [encrypt]

  1. Under Security Settings, click Email.
  2. Click Filter Policies.
  3. Select the Outbound tab.
  4. Click on New Filter.
  5. Choose a name for your filter (e.g. Encryption – subject).
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Ensure Scope is set to Company.
  8. If statement
    1. First parameter: Email Subject
    2. Second Paraemter: CONTAIN(S) ANY OF
    3. Text box: [encrypt]
  9. Do statement
    1. Select Encrypt
    3. Select Strip Subject Line Encryption Terms
  10. Click Save.

Email Encryption

Using Email Encryption to Protect Your Business

Encrypting An Email – Proofpoint