Expired Data-Entry Campaign Landing Pages – PSAT (Educate)

QuestionWhy am I unable to see my cloned webpage in my Data Entry Campaign?

AnswerTo prevent our cloned web pages from being marked as phishing sites by third-party URL crawlers, we expire the data-entry site URL 30 seconds after it is initially clicked. Future clicks that occur after the 30 second time (or multi-clicks) on the data entry campaign URL will display the teachable moment, but not the data entry site.


  • You have created a Data Entry Campaign that contains a landing page that is a clone of your Outlook Web App login page.
  • The user clicks on the link in the phishing email and is taken to the fake OWA page where the login screen is shown.
  • The timer starts counting down from 30 seconds.
    • The user thinks that something is suspicious and thinks about it for a while… 20 seconds left.
    • The user finally decides to fall for the phish and enters their credentials…5 seconds left.
    • The user is shown the teachable moment since they fell for the phish. UH OH, YOU’VE BEEN PHISHED! is shown…2 seconds left.
    • The user completes the teachable moment and closes their browser…0 seconds left, the OWA landing page expired.
    • The user returns to Microsoft Outlook to review the email that tricked them. They examine the URL and decide to click again…
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer starts up and they are immediately taken to the teachable moment UH OH! YOU’VE BEEN PHISHED!