How to report a general problem with an email

NOTE: This knowledge base does not address misclassifications (i.e. Spam that got through or desired email that got caught) as there is a separate knowledgebase article for that.

The Spambrella Support Team will need specific details in order to investigate any problem.

A subjective description is good, and desired as well, however more detailed information will be needed:  

  • If the problem is about email(s) that has already arrived at the recipient end: we will need to see the headers of the email.  If needed see the section below entitled:  How to send email headers to Spambrella Support.
  • If the problem is about email(s) that has NOT arrived at the recipient end:
    • Support will need to know at least the email address of the Sender and an estimate of the time it was sent.
    • If possible, it would help us to know the IP address(public IP not private IP) of the server from which the email would be arriving.
    • It would also help greatly if you can confirm with a fair certainty that (a) the sender has indeed sent the email already and (b) the sender used the right recipient email address.
    • If the sender has received a bounce message, we need to see the body of this bounce message as well as it’s headers.  See the section below on sending email headers if needed.

How to send email headers to Spambrella Support: 

The procedure for obtaining these will differ from email client to email client, but in the example of Microsoft Outlook 2010, simply forwarding the email is not sufficient and you need to do the following:

  • Open up the email and click on ‘File’ in the top left hand corner.
  • From here, click on ‘Info’ on the left pane and select ‘Properties’
  • At the bottom is a box labeled “Internet headers”: select everything inside it, Copy, and Paste it into your email to Spambrella Support along with the description of what the problem is, and the bounce message if that is the case.