Import Historical Archives

In order to import historical archives, you will need to raise an ‘Archive Import Request’ ticket.
The legacy data needs to be in EML format before it can be accepted.

We will need the following information to when raising the Archive ingestion ticket:

  1. Customer name & domain name.
  2. Total data size to be imported (EML or PST format)
  3. Preferred method of delivery (anything up to 500GB is usually sent over SFTP).
  4. Data can be uploaded via FTP only.
  5. Data (EML or PST files) must be compressed into either Zip or 7zip files.
  6. The maximum Zip/7zip file size that we can accept is 80GB per file.
  7. We do not accept multi-part Zip & 7zip files.
  8. Email [email protected] to action.

If you decide to send the data over SFTP, we will need the following information:

  1. The IP address where the data will be uploaded from so we can whitelist it on the firewall of the SFTP server.
  2. The email address of the person responsible for uploading the data. This is where the SFTP connection details will be sent via secure share.

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