Invalid Links in Test Phishing Email – PSAT (Educate)

QuestionWhy is the URL showing as invalid in my test email?

AnswerPhishing allows you to send a test email to yourself before you create your campaign. A test email that you send yourself will show a specific URL.  If you click on the URL in the test email prior to clicking the Create Campaign button,  it will show you what the training will look like and act exactly how a real campaign will function.  However, once you click the Create Campaign button the test URL will become invalid since the test campaign was changed to a live campaign.The test URL will now display a message that reads Notice: this test link is no longer valid since the real campaign has been created.  In addition, the URL will no longer work if you send yourself another test email.  The original URL will no longer work.  Instead it will be replaced with a new URL on the new test email.