Javascript Error in Lotus Notes – PSAT (Educate)

IssueUser receives the error: Javascript Error ‘document.getElementById is not a function’ – Lotus Notes users may receive this error when attempting to open a Phishing campaign email in a Domino browser.  The analytics will still be reported and the emails will show as opened, but the user receives the error and has to click multiple times in order to exit the dialog box and view the email.

Reason – This can occur if you have safelisted images in Domino and have set the field Format preference for incoming mail field to Prefers MIME. The error document.getElementById is not a function is generated in Lotus Notes when opening MIME messages containing that Javascript function in their content. The Phishing template used might not contain Javascript, but may have a <span id> tag, which can cause the Notes browser to search for the related function referenced by the tag. The embedded browser in Notes does not support all of the functions in the Javascript Document Object Model.

SolutionThe end user will need to open the messages in a full web browser to avoid getting this error.